Dawn McMillan

Title: Owner and Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 1-780-573-2777

Matthew Pearce

Title: Instructor
Matt is a brilliant yet laid back instructor. He makes everyone in class feel comfortable. Regardless of experience level Matt has a way to communicate the course material in a way that really sticks. Being an EMR Matt is a first aid guru. Once you sit in one of his classes you will know what we mean. This guy loves to dig out the regulations, be up to date and well informed on all industry matter. Matt has experience instructing all kinds of people. In Ontario, Alberta, and in BC he spent many years as an rock climbing instructor and guide, making him a fall protection pro! Years at Tim Horton's camps gives Matt that added patience and instructor skills we love so much. The oil and gas industry is something else Matt knows well. Safety Technician and Scaffolding are amongst the many things Matt has done in the patch.

Tina Bellemare

Title: Administrator
The first thing you'll see when you walk through the front door of Safety Buzz is her beautiful smile!! Tina has been with Safety Buzz for a year now and she has been an incredible addition to the team! She is the administrator and also does fit testing and is an audio technician!

"The best thing about working at Safety Buzz is having co-workers that make work days more fun, meeting new people and hearing stories on what brought them here for work."

Some of her favourite summertime things include sunshineβ˜€οΈ, campfires πŸ”₯ with friends & wine🍷.

When she's not at work - you can find Tina planning a new pinterest project or out enjoying the lake with her family!!

Roxanne Gamble

Title: Safety Facilitator & Instructor
Rox has worked at safety buzz for 4 years now. Before joining Safety Buzz, she was a stay at home mom for 10 years. Prior to that, she did all kinds of fun stuff in the patch from pipe fitting to picker operator to working on a rod rig!

Just like the rest of the Safety Buzz team, Rox wears a lot of hats at work! 🧒 From teaching all in-house Safety Buzz courses (fall pro, gas testing, confined space entry and rescue, fire training) to CICT (OSSA) fall pro, EWP, skid steer, fork lift, telehandler and Red Cross First Aid!!

The best thing about her job is being able to talk to people all day! She loves it! If you know Roxanne, you know that she LOVES to make people smile and laugh.😜.

"Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with my kids ..... if they would only want to hang out with me. Lol. Teenagers πŸ™„ - little buggers." πŸ˜‚ When she's not at work - you can find her nestled up close to a warm campfire πŸ”₯ with some good tunes, great company and a few hard earned wobbly pops

Barb Middagh

Title: Instructor
Barb Middagh has been at Safety Buzz for 71/2 years. She is an instructor for H2S,Detection and Control, Oilfield Driving Awareness, Defensive Driving, Global Ground Disturbance, Red Cross First Aid Courses, Ossa Confined Space, Fall Protection, Gas Testing, Bear Awareness, CSO, Hours of Service, Fatigue Management Confined Space Entry and Rescue. She also does general maintenance on equipment.

Barb loves her work days at Safety Buzz because there is always a new challenge with new faces every day. When she's not at work, you can find her at the farm with her horses. 🐴 An interesting fact that many might not know about Barb is that she has raised Canadain Quarter Horse Race Champions and has had the privilege of owning 2 different stallions that have been sire of the year in Canada!! 🐎 We think that's pretty impressive!!

Her greatest achievement in life are her 2 children David and Shorty, and her 5 amazing grandchildren.

Natasha Huber

Title: Accounts Payable & Recievable, Instructor
Natasha Huber has been with Safety Buzz for 7 years!! Asking her what she does there is kind of a loaded question! She kinda does it all! From accounts payable/receivable to instructor and everything in between. If there is a question to be answered - Natasha is your go to girl. πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
The team at Safety Buzz is her second family, πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ and Natasha believes that SB has the best clientele ever! (We agree!!) The fact that every day is different makes each work week interesting & unpredictable! Monday mornings aren't so bad at SB!!!
When asked if Natasha has a hidden talent we should know about - she said "I love to make people laugh, I smile at everyone just to see them smile back. It’s usually contagious" -- which we think is way cooler than doing the worm or blowing bubbles off of your tongue! 🀣
It's quite clear that she loves her work family and stands proud behind their brand!! Next time you see Natasha - make sure you smile back!!! πŸ’œ




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